I didn’t get into reading comics the same way a lot of my peers did. I wasn’t reading Spider-man or Batman or anything like that. I fell in love with the sequential world via Mad Magazine. Whenever I was sick, or going on a trip my mom would buy me a Mad Magazine and I would read it over and over again. From cover to cover, examining each page for the little jokes and details. Wondering if I could ever do something as funny as Don Martin, or as witty as Al Jaffee. I collected Mad Magazines up until college, and still kinda do when I see them in thrift stores or antique stores.

From Mad Magazine I also got into newspaper comics, Peanuts plus Calvin and Hobbes were my favorites. I would also read and reread each comic and look at all the details, wondering how Bill Watterson drew grass like that, wondering how Snoopy’s paws could change shape with the different positions he was sitting in. These guys were my Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. My Ditko and MacFarlane. It wouldn’t be until I was in college before I discovered there were other comics out there and that I could be making them. Over twenty years later I’m still in awe of comics in all their variety and I work hard at making comics myself. Hunched over a desk scribbling silly bunnies and frogs and writing jokes like I dream my heroes did before me.

These comics I make and share are for you to read tangibly. I’ve spent years making comics on the web, but I never felt as much joy and as much love until I started printing my own books and selling them. These comics are exclusive to read and meant to hide inside books you should be reading. These issues are crafted by hand and made with care and attention to be of the highest quality possible.