Zines (pronounced zinny. I’m kidding it’s zeen like magazine) are self published comics and content that is shared among others. They can be made many ways, but they are all special and do something special. Zines take something you love, and make it a tangible vehicle for others to learn about that. Zines can be about anything (the original zines were related to sci-fi tv shows/movies and punk rock music and culture). Our zines are about us and what we love.

Back in 1998 I saw Edna’s Goldfish with The Stereo and Slow Gherkin (Look up these bands) in south Florida at a place called THE FUBAR. I wasn’t from the area, I didn’t know anyone, and I didn’t have any friends. What I did have however was a zine I found on the floor called “Kung Fu Chicken” that someone left there. I think they were charging $5 but I looked at it and thought it was so stupid and that I could do better. Not only did I think I could do better, I thought I should do better. So I started crafting my first zine. PoMoFo The Poor Mother Fucker’s Zine. I didn’t know much about folding and stapling so it was basically a packet of thoughts and ideas but I put them together and gave some to friends and took them to shows and gave them out to people. I didn’t make any friends, but I made something cool. Years later I found myself bringing back PoMoFo as a limited run series of 12 zines that talked about my life and ideas and my love of poetry and cartoons.

since then I’ve worked on dozens of zines and projects that some will be available on the site as a limited edition series.

Our zines are made the old fashioned way. They are printed and cut and stapled by hand by artists who have been doing this for decades. No two zines are the same, but they are all guaranteed to be made with love and care and with something for everyone to enjoy!