hey y’all! I’m birdie

here are characters from upcoming Bunnyvomit books.

I’m a 40 something nonbinary person who’s been making comics and zines for over twenty years! I live in Des Moines Iowa but I’m a proud Floridian. I’m Straightedge and my favorite things are Nintendo, cartoons and Nintendo cartoons! you can email me at Haikubirdie@gmail.com and ask me anything!

My favorite bands are The Impossibles, The Thermals, Minor Threat, The Jam and the Beastie Boys. Although I love a lot of genres of music, I’m really into post punk, riot grrl, power pop, twee, hip hop and punk music. I love cartoons, and comedies and playing Nintendo. I’m obsessed with Mario and Link. I can talk your year off for years with my weird theories and ideas.

My favorite comics are Peanuts, Groo, Usagi Yojimbo, Bone, and anything done by Danielle Corsetto, Adam Koford or Paul Southworth.

I don’t have any favorite zines, but I’ve been an active zine creator for a long ass time and I’ve made like fifty different zines over the years.

My partner and I have two dogs and two cats. I don’t know if I’m allowed to share their personal information but I’ll let y’all know in the future.

Hubba hubba 

Hannah (she /hrr [rhymes with grr]) is an angry feminist bunny.  Not all feminists are angry, not all angry people are bunnies, not all bunnies are angry of feminist.  Hannah publishes a zine and thinks everyone who reads it will live a better life. She is friends with Charlie “blockhead” brown

Chuck “blockhead” Brown (he/him) is a sensitive artist who is best friends with Hannah. He loves tacos, root beer and is unlucky in love 

TS Garf (he/him) is Charlie’s “normal” friend. 

Gay frog

Gayford Frog (he/they) is a happy frog.  He runs around the swamps of Jacksonville Florida where he shares his love of dancing, diet cola and Gloria’s hole (a cool dance spot) with his friends. 

Mr Hiro

Mr Hiro (he/him) is a cat who bakes. He is also known to help around with carpenters, plummers and other kitchen staff. He’s been a soux chef and loves to prepare food. He’s also occasionally called in to rescue princesses or save the less fortunate. Hiro is very non-chalant  about what he does. He has a pure poker face. 

Hot dog. 

Hotdog (he/him) is a dog who rides a skateboard and delivers pizza. He wants a girlfriend and thinks goth girls are hella cute. He’s very talented but sometimes is overtly cocky to hide he’s really timid. 

Hepcat (he/they) is hotdog’s quiet roommate. He’s very smart and probably on the spectrum but he usually only chimes in to show he’s smarter then everyone and always gets the last laugh 

High Fives Forever

Ludwig (he/they) : is an angry bunny who plays drums with Burt and Carlos. He loves heavy metal music and anime soundtracks

Burt (he/ hmm?)is a bass player who sings. He’s really slow at both but he’s likable and gets by on being mediocre, so he doesn’t strive to improve at anything.

Carlos (they/them) is a guitarist who is the real talent. They’re androgynous but doesn’t get hung up on labels. 


Big dog (he/him)  • He is much stronger and significantly more stoic and reserved than the Little Dog, and speaks much less – on occasion, he has also been shown to be surprisingly smarter than the Little Dog.

Little dog (he/him) is much more energetic and hyperactive than the Big Dog. The Little Dog is very scared of cats, and when a cat (usually the same cat) appears, it is the Big Dog who scares it away.