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bunnyvomit dot com is the homepage for bunnyvomit studios. An independent small press publishing house for comics, zines and more. We believe in being a little weird, a little honest and very funny. For over twenty years we have been publishing various comics on the web and in print. Though we love doing webcomics we’ve focused on the printed page because we love tangible media.

people always ask “why bunnyvomit”? I like to tell them, it’s because bunnies cannot vomit. They don’t have a gag reflex. But I’ve always imagined, that if they could, it would be really cute (they’re bunnies), but it would also be weird because of vomit. And that is my art style and sense of humor very cute and a little weird. I hope you’re imagining what a bunny vomiting would look like I’ve done it 1 million times myself.

we started bunnyvomit.com back in the early 2000s when a college roommate recommended my doodles could be a comic on the web. I continue to draw comics through college and through various jobs and in 2019 I decided to leave my career and make comics and art my full-time profession with help from my family and friends, I have grown this small business into a slightly less small business and I want to thank everyone who helps me along the way. I have so much planned for the future and I’m so excited to share everything with you all.

At Bunnyvomit, we like to publish comics and zines for people who feel different and weird in every way possible. We speak for the outsider, the punk rocker the sad kid, the goofy kid and especially the weird kid. I hope this site is a home to you the same way it’s a home to me and that I can be honest and open about everything that’s going on.

thank you for reading this.

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