Snow is Cold and other things I am re-teaching myself

I’m a Floridian by heart and birthright. I was born in Panama City and grew up outside Denver Colorado so I’ve had a history of walking to school uphill both ways through the snow. It’s one of the reasons that when I graduated I moved back to Florida to avoid snow and after 15 years spent another ten years in Phoenix Arizona. I’ve been sans-snow for most of my life. This is my second winter in Iowa and from what I’m hearing this has been the largest snowfall in a dozen years. I hope I can spend another dozen forgetting how cold this gets when it happens again. We’ve been doing the midwestern “hunker down” where the house is filled with food and water and I’ve been staying wrapped up in blankets unless I have the urge to play Nintendo and I slip into some warmer clothes and bunny slippers for the recreation time.

Being cold slows me down, and I’m not used to getting out and doing all the things I do when I’m at maximum comfort but I’m lucky my art supplies are portable and I can huddle up under blankets and draw bunnyvomit nonsense in the meantime. The snow is about to thaw and I’m working on a dozen projects but I’m going to jinx myself by saying that I’m in the market to get another printer so I can start printing zines and comics again. I’ll keep you posted when I have new comics and zines ready for purchase because my house has enough books and your house needs more! By stuff from me today by visiting my shop as I slowly fill it with fun stuff!

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